Saturday, October 1, 2016

Benih Kaktus Made in China

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Kemasan biji kaktus bagian depan
Qty: 10
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Teks yang bisa dipahami:
  • Echinocactus Link et otto
  • Echinopsis tubiflora cacties
 Hasil dari Google Translate:

Scientific name: Echinocactus Link et otto
English name: Echinopsis tubiflora cacties
Belong to: Prickly pear cactus genera
Origin: produced in South America, the general growth in high fever, dry, dry desert
Alias: grass ball, Changsheng ball
Florid fable: strong, love to be in the end.
Sowing Time & Temperature

Cultivation: Prickly pear cold, like born-drained sandy soil. Cactus is not suitable for pouring too much water will root rot.
Biological characteristics: the immortal perennial succulent herb, up to 25 cm, cactus blossom in early morning or evening, the duration of a few hours to a day.
Growth habit: the origin of the fever, dry, dry desert, forming a hi dry, drought-tolerant characteristics.
Cultivation techniques:
1, because the seeds of cactus is very small, therefore, it is best to use seeds wrapped with gauze, rinse under the water, then, the seeds will be sown in the wet ground basin, placed in a dark place
2, the growth of cactus began, once every two months to apply fertilizer, the best combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. To the appropriate shade, not sun exposure.
3, the winter, the potted cactus should be moved into the room at room temperature above 5 ℃ can safely winter, cactus in dormancy, Pentu relatively dry some, otherwise easy to rot.

Main features: governance Hyperactivity cough, bloody sputum, carbuncles, soup burns, qi and blood, nourishing the stomach, detoxification effect. Cactus has absorbed the role of electromagnetic radiation, but also a natural air freshener, but also has a dust adsorption, the role of air purification

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